With the NFL Draft approaching, I always like to pick some draft prospects and breakdown their pros and cons. This years draft is jam packed with all kinds of talent. The quarterback position is always one that teams are looking at picking right away. Drew Lock out of Missouri is going to be a hot target for teams looking for a franchise quarterback.

He has been playing against SEC teams for his four years at Mizzou and has shown some ups and downs in his career. He has a strong arm and can manage an offense at all times. I will go into his strengths first.

Pros: One thing that I can see first from watching his games, is that his arm is very strong and he makes tight throws in the receivers window. This is key going into the NFL, with the new trend to score a lot points quick. Teams love when players can come in right away and show they can compete at the highest level. Lock will bring a lot of upside to the draft, and has shown teams that he can make all the throws needed to put points on the board. A couple more things that i’ve seen from Lock is that he has great athletic ability and stands tall in the pocket. I can keeping going for hours on what he does great. He has a real shot of being a impact player on a team. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets picked in the top 12.

Cons: Lock does have a few things that he needs to work on during the combine and the off-season. One of those things is footwork. His footwork at times can be scary. I’ve seen worse, but I feel like most quarterbacks that come through the draft could use help on footwork since its a huge part of being successful. Lock has been working hard this off-season and I’m sure he working on all of these things. Secondly, there are some times that I have seen him trust his arm too much. He will throw some balls into double coverage when other receivers are open, or were he needs to go to the check down and he throws it over the receiver. This will come with more experience, which could just be from previous coaches.

Overview: Lock has put up record setting numbers in the SEC and at Mizzou. In 2017 he threw for 44 touchdowns and 3,964 passing yards on only 14 interceptions. His decision to stay for his senior year has treated him very well and now his draft stock is much higher compared to last year. He is a true gunslinger and is surprisingly a great athlete. He does have the ability to run the ball well, and will have a lot of eyes on him come draft time.


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