17 Years Ago Today: Lebron James Makes His Debut

The most hyped-up debut of all time happened 17 years ago to the day. Lebron had all the pressure on him entering his rookie season. He was the number one pick straight out of high school, even being on the cover of sports illustrated his junior year of high school when he was only 17.

Yeesh, talk about hype. This guy has been in the national spotlight since he was 17, deemed the next great for the NBA. No doubt that Lebron was the most hyped-up basketball prospect ever. Not many people could handle that type of hype. Lebron handled it damn near perfect. Well as perfect as a teenager can handle all that attention. In his first NBA game, Lebron went for 25/9/6 with two steals. Most ever for someone straight out of high school.

Lebron went on to win rookie of the year and the rest is history. Lebron is a four-time champion, four-time Finals MVP, 10 Finals appearances, 16-time All-Star, 13-time NBA all first team. The accolades could go on and on for Lebron. After 17 years, Lebron has cemented himself in the GOAT conversation with Michael Jordan. We rarely see a player hyped up this much and that player surpasses those expectations. That’s exactly what Lebron did. The scary thing is, Lebron is 35, just finished his 17th season, and is still one of the best in the world if not the best. He keeps defying the odds and beating father time. No matter what your feelings on Lebron are, appreciate him while he’s still here.

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