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17 People Dead (and Counting) After a Massive Riot at Mexico Liga MX Soccer Game

According to Barstool Sports personality Jeff Nadu, a reported 17 people (and counting) are dead after a riot ensued at a Liga MX soccer game between Atlas and Queretaro in Mexico Saturday night.

The cause and start of the riots are unknown at the moment, but as you can see in the clips and images below, the fights were escalating throughout the stadium between the stands, field and concourse.

There was also chairs, bleacher seats, garbage and other foreign objects that were used in the fights as well.

The riots gotten so bad that the riots also occurred outside the stadium.

The match was at 1-0 by the time the riots started, and it has been deemed suspended. It is unknown on when the game will be resumed, but what happened tonight left a dark, black eye to futbol fans and community around the world.

Pretty sick and dark night with all the riots that occurred, and hopefully everything will be all settled out by the time the game can continue.

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