15 Years Ago Today: Reggie Bush Cheated in a Game at Notre Dame

15 years ago to the day. A game that still makes my blood boil. #1 USC strolled in to South Bend, IN to face off with #9 Notre Dame in a much hyped match up.

It was a beautiful day in Northern Indiana. The fans were rowdy, the media was all over the place, and the Notre Dame grounds crew grew out the grass to neutralize USC’s speed (allegedly).

The game lived up to the hype. With only seconds left on the clock trailing 28-31, USC quarterback Matt Leinart drove his team down the field into scoring position.

And then this happend:

At the time, there was a rule called “assisting the runner” (I think. I probably made this up) prohibiting another player from assisting or advancing the ball carrier.

Reggie Bush clearly pushes Leinart into the end zone. This should have been an infraction and the Irish should have upset the undefeated Trojans.

Because of this infraction, Reggie Bush was forced to vacate his Heisman Trophy (this is not why).

But in all honesty, this USC team was loaded with NFL talent. It was a great game and the “controversial play” would not have been controversial at all today, as it is not even a real penalty anymore.

Either way, it was kind of cool to see Notre Dame with a real shot at beating a team that had won 4,000 games in a row. This was a great game and an instant classic.

NOTE: *Please do not fact check the author. He is correct with all of his facts. ;)*

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