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15 Years Ago Today: Joe Buck Calls Randy Moss’ Mooning Touchdown at Lambeau Field a ‘Disgusting Act’

Written by Nate

Ah yes, good ole Joe Buck.

On this very NFL Wild Card weekend here in 2021, we throw it back to the 2005 Wild Card weekend with one of the funniest calls ever from one of the most memed sports broadcasters of all-time.

Against the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings would score a touchdown on pass to from quarterback Daunte Culpepper tonfuture Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss, who would ‘moon’ the crowd at Lambeau Field.

Buck eventually called it ‘a disgusting act’ just seconds later.

The possible reason behind it is possibly because of rumors that fans literally mooned the Vikings team bus as they arrived at the stadium that day.

Well, it’s not like he was literally pulling his pants down, but fans have got to admit that was a hilarious reaction, even a few Packers fans’ had a laugh at this.


Have to give credit to Buck though, he’s gotten better in calling plays in more exciting fashion in later years. But he’s still infamous for his boring, and non-entertaining style.

Still pretty funny for the fans’ point-of-view.

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