119,000 People Tracked Messi’s Flight From Barcelona To Paris

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The GOAT and best to ever do it, Lionel Messi, has officially left FC Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain FC (PSG) and the world is imploding. Messi’s Barcelona contract expired on June 30th and he was willing to receive a 50% pay cut in order to stay with the team, but they had other plans and announced they would part ways with Messi after facing “financial obstacles.”

Messi held a farewell Barcelona press conference and was visibly devastated at the turn of events. “I’m not ready for this…It’s really difficult to leave after so many years. After spending most of my life here, I was convinced I could continue here at home. I was not prepared.”

As news of Messi leaving Barcelona hit the airwaves, PSG started sharking for Messi and reportedly nailed down a two-year deal. The deal gives him a net salary of $34.6 million per season. The contract includes a $34.6 million signing fee and a $34.6 million third-yer option, totaling over $100 million.

Barcelona fans are absolutely gutted that their crown jewel is officially departing Barcelona and PSG fans are buzzing with excitement anticipating Messi’s arrival. Messi’s flight number was leaked and people tracked his flight. It started with 50,000 fans tracking his flight and peaked at 119,000 people.

Fans swarmed Messi at the Barcelona airport dreading his departure, while fans gathered at Paris’s airport awaiting his arrival. Absolute scenes in Paris right now.

You have to give it to all of these fans. They’re dedicated beyond belief. Heartbroken for Barca fans, while excited for PSG fans. Talk about a complete juxtaposition of feelings and emotions. It’s the end of an era for Barca fans.

Messi has released a statement after the news of his PSG signing broke, “I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter in my career in Paris. The club and his vision are a perfect match for my ambitions. I’m determined to build something great for the club and the fans.”

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