11 Avid Cannabis Advocates in Pro Sports

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It’s known that pro athletes are prohibited from taking any substance that may enhance their performance. Marijuana is no exception. Regardless, there are athletes that smoke weed, for its medicinal properties.

Plants grown from female seeds are considered the best choice for their medicinal properties since they’re the only ones to produce flowers. These are the properties many athletes seek when they use cannabis.

Even though marijuana use is still somewhat frowned upon, we cannot ignore how far it has come in recent years. We’ve witnessed this first-hand as cannabis use becomes legal in many states across America.

Remember Sha’Carri Richardson being banned from participating at the Olympics in Tokyo because she tested positive for THC? People responded in an uproar. Indicating a change in attitudes toward pro athletes that smoke or use weed.

Let’s take a look at some of the top sportspeople who advocate for cannabis in professional sports.

11 pro athletes who advocate for cannabis

Stigmas around the herb meant that many looked down upon athletes that smoke weed. Athletes are meant to be role models to younger generations and that’s not possible if you use cannabis. Right?

Most recently, the popularity of using weed by the general public has risen. The rise in popularity means fewer objections to legalizing cannabis and increased support for athletes that partake in smoking or using weed.

As times change, it’s no wonder the attitude towards a plant with multiple medicinal properties has shifted. Within the pro sports community, the use of cannabis is still prohibited for many athletes.

Only recently has the NFL relaxed its rules on athletes using cannabis, which is a breakthrough for marijuana in pro sports.

Without further ado, here are the pro athletes who advocate for cannabis:

  • NFL player, Eugene Monroe is one of many NFL players to advocate for the use of cannabis. He is said to use it for its medicinal purposes.
  • The UFC fighter brothers, Nick and Nate Diaz are athletes who smoke weed. They’ve gotten into their fair share of trouble for it. As fighters, the pain-relieving properties of cannabis are inviting.
  • Julie Anthony, a 1970s world-famous American tennis player, is also a sportsperson known to advocate for marijuana.
  • Former NFL player, Ricky Williams, was suspended on multiple occasions for his cannabis use. As an avid cannabis advocate, he has since left the NFL and started a brand of cannabis-based products.
  • Amy Van Dyken is a six-time Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer, who believes in the medicinal properties of CBD found in cannabis.
  • Ice hockey fans will be pleased to know that former NHL player, Riley Cote, is a huge advocate for weed. He discovered the therapeutic effects of cannabis at a young age and is a co-founder of the HempHeals Foundation
  • Former NBA player, Cliff Robinson, was suspended multiple times for using cannabis throughout his career. He regularly lobbies for the legalization of cannabis.
  • UFC fighter Conor McGregor is also a professional athlete known to smoke weed. He even has a line of cannabis-based recovery products.
  • Calvin Johnson, a Hall of Fame NLF player, admits to being an athlete that smokes weed. Today he owns a marijuana business that produces various cannabis products.
  • Megan Rapinoe, a US woman’s soccer star, is a big supporter of cannabis and is an ambassador for her twin sister’s CBD brand.
  • The baseball player, Ryan Tucker, is another athlete that smokes weed. Like many of the other athletes on the list, he has a cannabis business, a dispensary in California.

A taboo subject in pro sports

The use of cannabis in sports has always been a taboo subject. Athletes who smoke weed often come under a great deal of scrutiny because of it. Since it’s still on the list of prohibited substances in sports, many athletes who smoke weed won’t speak out.

With the wave of pro athletes talking about their marijuana use, we hope to see weed removed from the banned list soon. 

Cannabis has medicinal properties athletes enjoy

Pain from injuries obtained through sports is the main reason athletes choose to use cannabis. Rather than risk it with synthetic drugs, cannabis offers its users a safer pain relief option.

One of the reasons cannabis is an issue in professional sports is because some believe it has performance-enhancing properties. This is often the reason athletes get suspended.

The question remains, does weed make you perform better? Although research is limited, athletes believe that weed helps them train better. This is probably why sports regulatory agencies are more on the cautious side.

Finally, we’d like to know from you. Are you an athlete that smokes weed? Do you feel that it helps you perform better? Do you agree that cannabis should be removed from the prohibited substances list?

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