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10 Things To Know About Matthew Stafford

Written by TrevStone

We love the NFL, and we love the NFL betting odds, and nothing shifts the odds more than an amazing player who knows just how to rock the field and make amazing things happen in the game. 

But, who could this be talking about? Brady is gone now, so who is our new amazing star?

Who Is Matthew Stafford?

Well, Matthew Stafford sure has plenty of good factors about him. He is the starting quarterback for the Rams, although he has also played for the Lions and the Bulldogs. 

He was one of the top quarterbacks in the 2009 draft, and he is believed to be one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. 

If you are just getting to know about this potential legend, here are 10 facts to help you out! 

10 Matthew Stafford Facts

Here’s a chance to get to know more about the Rams starting quarterback. 

#1. He Was An Anticipated Star In High School

Stafford was a quarterback in High School and there were plenty of people who anticipated his stardom. ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr was actually so amazed by his High School career that he anticipated he would be a No.1 draft pick in the NFL. 

Stafford lived up to this prediction.

#2. He Gives His Teammates Gifts

Stafford will give his offensive linemen and quarterbacks gifts. He always says ‘thank you’ with gives each season. Back in 2014, he gifted all of his team’s linemen and quarterbacks a Big Green Egg Grill. 

However, he bought over 12 of these expensive grills, but it showed just how much he values his team.

#3. He Already Had A Friend In LA Sports

When he was traded to the Rams he was able to reconnect with Kershaw, a friend from his youth. 

Kershaw is a MLB pitcher, and he used to play with the Dodgers. Kershaw chose to play baseball over football as he didn’t like the offensive line, but when Stafford was traded to LA, he could reconnect with an old friend.

#4. Stafford & The Georgia Bulldogs

When he came out of High School he was ranked as No.2 in Texas, he was expected to be a big deal, as he ranked 6th in the whole U.S. He committed to the Bulldogs’ football program in 2005

#5. Georgia Were Not The Only Ones

However, there were other Universities interested in him. Florida, Oklahoma, and Michigan all wanted a taste of him, but Stafford chose Georgia as it allowed him to play in a professional styled offensive system. 

However, they were also ideal because they were willing to play him from day one. He did have a few ups and downs with the team, but allowing him to play from the get go was what sold him.

#6. The Overall Draft Pick In 2009

He was also the first overall pick of the draft back in 2009. The Lions selected him with the hope that he would transform the team into being a Super Bowl contender. However, after 12 years, Stafford didn’t feel they were any closer to getting to the Super Bowl. 

Only 4 of his seasons with the Lions had them with a winning record, and they only made the playoffs those years. After 2020, Stafford decided he should move on.

#7. In 2015 He married His Girlfriend

Stafford’s girlfriend is the sister of NFL former wide receiver Chad Hall who played for the Eagles, 49ers and Chiefs from 2010-2013. 

Jelly met Stafford in the University of Georgia, where she was a cheerleader. They married in 2015 and have four daughters together. 

#8. Stafford’s Wife Wanted To Ensure The Rams Had Home-Field Advantage In The NFC Championship Game Of 2022

Kelly wanted to make sure the Rams had a home-field advantage over the 49ers in the NFC game in 2022. There were many worries that 49ers supporters would buy up tickets. So, to prevent this, Kelly herself bought a number of the tickets.

She posted on social media that hardcore fans, veterans, military members, and so on could email her for the tickets. She was said to have 240 tickets for Rams fans. It’s believed that she spent $139,820 or even $287,650 on the fans.

#9. His Wife Made Headlines Over The San Francisco 49ers Stadium Incident

Rumor has it that Kelly threw a pretzel at a 49ers fan after she became upset at how a group of 49ers supporters were treating a crew member. 

She did apologize, trying to buy food and drink for the people, she also stated she wouldn’t attend any 49ers games anymore as well.

#10. His Wife & He Had A Very Scary 2019

Matthew Stafford and his wife had quite the cancer scare in 2019, after Kelly had been suffering with vertigo for a while. An MRI found a tumor on her cranial nerve. 

Kelly underwent surgery which was meant to take 6 hours, but ended up taking 12 in total. Luckily the operation was a success and Kelly is totally fine now! 

What a wild wide for the couple. 

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