10 Shootings In Saginaw, Michigan In 1 Hour

Written by TrevStone

I can tell you one place that I wouldn’t want to move to or even visit. That is Saginaw, Michigan. As a Michigander (one that is above the bridge) I couldn’t believe what I just heard.

Within one hour in Saginaw there was over 10 shootings.

Twitter users are are warning others in the area to stay home!

This isn’t something new for Saginaw, actually, if you do a quick Twitter search you’ll see that there have been shootings like crazy.

Like I said this isn’t something new. Recently the Los Angeles Lakers hired Darvin Ham to be their head coach. He was asked about pressure and said “I grew up in Saginaw Michigan, I was shot in the face by accident April 5, 1988. You go through something like that it’s going to do one of two things: make you fearful or fearless. It made me fearless, I don’t feel no pressure it’s basketball.”

That just shows you right there that Saginaw hasn’t changed.

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