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10 Reasons LeBron James Is Overrated; Here Is Why He’s Not As Good As Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant

LeBron James is overrated. Yup, you read that right. As much as LeBron James might be the best NBA player of the recent generation but I can still say that is overrated. He’s not the best player of all time.

LeBron James has been known for having teammates that can help carry him in big moments. He’s been the favor of some ridiculous calls by some NBA officials.

Here are ten reason why he’s overrated.

10. He doesn’t hustle

I don’t know if you watched games recently of LeBrons, but even in the playoffs there are multiple videos showing him not hustling at all.

9. He points fingers

I don’t know if this is actually the notion of people, but this is what I always think and see out of LeBron. He always seems to point fingers at other players, blaming them. At other times I’m not gonna lie he is a great teammate or you can motivate, but when you’re sitting there pointing fingers and blaming other people for your own mistakes, it gets annoying to watch.

8. Bad footwork

As people mention all the time, LeBron James has bad footwork. Just read this post by a random Quora user:

7. Always about him

The Decision. That’s all I have to say.

6. Can’t own mistakes

I know I already mentioned finger pointing but this guy can’t own up to his own mistakes ever. The pointing fingers is one thing but when the media asks a question and you can’t own up to what you did somethings wrong.

5. Referees

I don’t care what anybody says, LeBron James has been on the favorite side of referees calls for his entire career. From the traveling to the flopping it’s annoying.

4: Mr. Can’t Hit The Big Shot

During the first half of his career it seemed it everytime a big game winner would be on him… he would throw up a BRICK!

He’s surely no Kobe or Michael Jordan.

3. Crying

LeCry. LeBron James is the leagues biggest crybaby.

2. Flopping

In an article by Chris Powers, he went over how LeBron James cheats, you can click here you read that.

1. Teammates

Nothing wrong with having great teammates, but always building a superteam has to be diminishing on the legacy of LeBron James.

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