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10 Hottest Pictures Of Dave Portnoy’s Smokeshow Girlfriend Silvana Mojica | @stoolpresidente

Written by TrevStone

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy is the true example of the American Dream. He went from a fat out of shape blogger who worked his ass off to become a successful businessman who wears the tightest pants in the world but can steal your girl. Even though he won’t steal your girl because he has a smokeshow girlfriend in Silvana Mojica! He could if he wanted too.



What a glow up. Although his dick might be showing, that’s the new style. Tight pants. The tighter the clothes you wear the better you look. Right? Maybe not. But in this case, yes. Portnoy swears by wearing tight clothes, he once traveled to another country, I think Italy and everyone there had tight clothes on. Since that Portnoy started rocking tighter clothes. On top of obviously losing some weight, that might come with the Adderall that he loves as well or the 10 pushups he does once a week. Well enough of talking about Portnoy’s pecker and Adderall, let’s talk about the real reason you clicked – Silvana.

I’m trying not to be weird here necause just typing a blog about another mans woman can seem awkward, but let’s be real, Pres is winning. Big time. He knows it. He’s winning ‘on and off the court’ winning in business and winning outside of business. Some might say… Trev, that’s still the business. Haha!

Check out some of the hottest pictures of Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend:

Needless to say.. Dave Portnoy is winning. And Silvs is also winning. They’re a cute couple, so cute that they got finger tattoos. I would get a finger tattoo also Dave. What she wants…. she…. gets especially when you’re a 44 year old worth hundreds of millions. Make it rain!


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