As many may know our website loves sharing the hottest Barstool Employees and today I’m here to do the same thing just with a little twist.

Today we will be ranking the hottest DUDE employees that Barstool Sports has to offer.

10. Brandon Walker

Brandon is as DILF as it goes. Filled with southern charm and an addiction to gambling there is no one else women would want in their life.

9. KFC

Kevin fuckkng Clancy. The king of the skinny fat people. His confidence is so low that I feel like any woman would love to have him. They guy is as easily manipulated as they come. Just as his ex wife she’ll tell you all the good.

8. Frank Fleming

Frank Fleming is the worlds best negative king in the world. If you’re looking for a guy who loves glizzy’s and awful sport franchises then you have your match with the Tank!

7. Billy Football

Billy is a jack of all trades and master of none. I accredit this to his lacking of an ADHD diagnosis but ladies he’s single and loves frogs.

6. Barstool Trent

Trent is a king in his own rights. Dude loves the Bachelor Series and even has made an appearance on the show. Ladies love him and men fear this absolute weapon of mass destruction.

5. The Double Vodka Don Big Ev

Guy loves being comfortable. A lead in the charge for big boys all over the world. Big Ev has a confidence that many try to recreate but always fail. Gotta love the units.

4. PFT Commenter

PFT is the ultimate dream scenario for a woman. He’s not attractive enough to cheat on you but not ugly enough to where you’ll tell your friends. An ultimate football guy with a passion for conspiracies and doggies. The real winner.

3. Dave Portnoy

Nothing says successful quite like dating someone half your age. Portnoy is everything a woman could ask for. Money, money and more money. The 45 year old bachelor loves stating his net worth and throwing around dollar signs. All the things that women love.

2. John Feitelberg

There is literally no better match for a woman. This is by far and large the most progressive employee the company has. John prides himself on his sad boy type of persona that allows him to always stay in a state of depression. He’s far too sad to take care of himself let alone cheat on you ladies.

1. Dan “Big Cat” Katz

Big Cat like PFT is a football guy. Don’t expect much from him during the fall as he’ll be face first in a bowl of chili making sure he’s father of the year. Got to love the commitment to the game here. Also a bears fan won’t leave you if he hasn’t left that awful franchise yet.


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