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1/1 Jeff Bagwell / Dave Portnoy Card For Sale – Profits To The Barstool Fund

Written by Nik D

A card artist named “Mr. Shake” (@MrShakeCardArt) made a Jeff Bagwell baseball card with Dave Portnoy’s face on it.

This of course is a reference to that famous video of Portnoy. You know the one. 😉

At the time of this writing, bids for the card were over $1,500 with over 7 hours to go.

According to Mr. Shake, all proceeds are going to be donated to the Barstool Fund.

This is a hilarious card and the money is going to help out small businesses. If you can afford to donate and buy this card, do so. It’s for a great cause and this is a one of a kind item.

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